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Gilmorton Chandler Church of England Primary School

We Strive for excellence in everything we do, working under god’s guidance and endeavouring to enable all to flourish, Bear fruit and live well together.


Year 5 Topics and Key Questions

Computing: Year 5 

Computing systems and networks – Sharing information

Creating media – Vector drawing

Programming A – Selection in physical computing

Data and information – Flat-file databases

Creating media – Video editing

Programming B – Selection in quizzes

KQ1: How can computers be connected together to form systems?

KQ1: How can the same drawing tools produce different outcomes?

KQ1: How can a simple circuit, connected to a computer, be controlled?

KQ1: How can we use a form to record information?

KQ1: What makes a video effective?

KQ1: How is selection used in computer programs?

KQ2: What role do computer systems have in our lives?

KQ2: How can different shapes be combined to create vector drawings?

KQ2: How can count controlled loops be used to control outputs?

KQ2: What different elements are required within a flat file database?

KQ2: Which digital devices can record video?

KQ2: How does a conditional statement connect a condition to an outcome?

KQ3: How is information transferred over the internet?

KQ3: What tools can be used to edit a vector drawing?

KQ3: What is a conditional loop?

KQ3: How does grouping and then sorting data allow us to answer questions?

KQ3: Which video capture techniques work best when trying to achieve an intended outcome?

KQ3: How does selection direct the flow of a program?

KQ4: How does sharing information online let people in different places work together?

KQ4: What is the impact of layering within a vector drawing?

KQ4: How can selection be used to control the flow of a program?

KQ4: Which tools can be used to select specific data?

KQ4: How can a storyboard lead to a better end product?

KQ4: How can a design format be used to outline a programming project?

KQ5: Which strategies ensure successful online group collaboration?

KQ5: What is the potential impact of grouping items within a vector drawing?

KQ5: How can selection be included within a physical computing project?

KQ5: How can computer programs be used to compare data visually?

KQ5: What are the benefits of reshooting and editing with regards to the end product?

KQ5: How is user input used within the written program?

KQ6: What are the benefits of the different ways in which people can work together online?

KQ6: How can the images produced be improved?

KQ6: Can selection be used to produce an intended output on a physical computing component?

KQ6: How can a database be used to ask and answer real-world questions?

KQ6: Why should choices made when making and sharing a video be considered?

KQ6: Which part of the code is used to set up the program for a user?