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Gilmorton Chandler Church of England Primary School

We Strive for excellence in everything we do, working under god’s guidance and endeavouring to enable all to flourish, Bear fruit and live well together.


Year 2 Topics and Key Questions

Computing: Year 2 

Computer Systems & Networks:

IT Around Us

Creating Media:

Digital Photography

Programing A:

Robot Algorithms

Data & Information:


Creating Media:

Making Music

Programing B:

An introduction to Quizzes

KQ1: What are the uses and features of IT?

KQ1: How can we use a digital device to take a photograph?

KQ1: What is a sequence of instructions?

KQ1: What are tally charts and how can we use them?

KQ1: How does music make us feel?

KQ1: Does a sequence of commands have a beginning?

KQ2: How is IT used in school?

KQ2: What choices are available when taking a digital photograph?

KQ2: What happens when you change the order of instructions in a sequence?

KQ2: How can we represent objects?

KQ2: Are there patterns in music?

KQ2: Does a sequence of commands have an outcome?

KQ3: What does IT look like outside of school?

KQ3: What makes a good photograph?

KQ3: How can we predict the outcome of a program?

KQ3: How do we create a pictogram using IT?

KQ3: How are notes used in music?

KQ3: Can we produce code to a given design?

KQ4: How does IT help us?

KQ4: What can be changed to improve a photograph?

KQ4: What can a programming project include?

KQ4: How can a pictogram be used to compare objects?

KQ4: How can a computer be used to create a series of notes?

KQ4: How do we modify a given design in code?

KQ5: How can we use IT safely?

KQ5: What tools can we use to edit a photograph?

KQ5: What is an algorithm?

KQ5: How can a pictogram be used to compare people?

KQ5: Can music be used to represent an animal?

KQ5: Can we create our own code design?

KQ6: How can IT be used in different ways for different circumstances?

KQ6: How do we know when a photograph has been improved?

KQ6: How do we convert an algorithm into a program, test and debug it?

KQ6: How can we use a computer to share information in different ways?

KQ6: How can a musical composition be improved?

KQ6: How can we test, debug and improve a program?