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Gilmorton Chandler Church of England Primary School

We Strive for excellence in everything we do, working under god’s guidance and endeavouring to enable all to flourish, Bear fruit and live well together.


Year 1 Topics and Key Questions

Computing: Year 1

Computer Systems & Networks:

Technology Around Us

Creating Media:

Digital Painting

Programing A:

Moving a Robot

Data & Information:

Grouping Data

Creating Media:

Digital Writing

Programming B:

An introduction to Animation

KQ1: What is technology?

KQ1: What do freehand tools do?

KQ1: What will a given command do?

KQ1: How should an object be labelled?

KQ1: How can we use a computer to write?

KQ1: What will a given command do?

KQ2: What are the main parts of a computer?

KQ2: How do the shape and line tools work?

KQ2: Can you accurately follow commands?

KQ2: What objects can be counted?

KQ2: How can we add and remove text?

KQ2: Can we join together a series of commands?

KQ3: How can we use a trackpad / mouse?

KQ3: What careful choices are needed to create a digital picture?

KQ3: Can you combine forwards and backwards commands to create a sequence of steps?

KQ3: In what ways can objects be described?

KQ3: How can we alter the appearance of the text?

KQ3: What happens when we change a value?

KQ4: How can we use a keyboard as an input device?

KQ4: How does the choice of tool affect the finished image?

KQ4: Can you combine four direction commands to create a sequence of steps?

KQ4: How can we count objects with the same properties?

KQ4: What careful choices are needed when deciding on the appearance of text?

KQ4: Are sprites able to be commanded separately?

KQ5: How can we use a keyboard to edit text?

KQ5: How can digital tools be used to recreate the work of an existing artist?

KQ5: Can you plan a sequence of steps to reach a set destination?

KQ5: How can we compare groups of objects?

KQ5: What are the reasons for using the different tools available?

KQ5: How do we design a project?

KQ6: What are the rules for using technology responsibly?

KQ6: How does a digital image differ from an image created on paper?

KQ6: What other solutions are possible?

KQ6: How can we use information on a group of objects to answer questions? 

KQ6: How does typing on a computer differ from writing on paper?

KQ6: How can we use our design to create a program?