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Gilmorton Chandler Church of England Primary School

We Strive for excellence in everything we do, working under god’s guidance and endeavouring to enable all to flourish, Bear fruit and live well together.


Year 6 Topics and Key Questions

Computing: Year 6

Computing systems and networks – Communication

Creating media – 

3D Modelling

Programming A – Variables in games

Data and information – Spreadsheets

Creating media – 

Web page creation

Programming B – Sensing

KQ1: How can a search engine be used?

KQ1: Why might we represent 3D objects on a computer?

KQ1: What is a variable?

KQ1: What questions can be answered using data?

KQ1: What digital elements make up a website?

KQ1: Why might we want to test a program on an emulator before transferring it to a controllable device?

KQ2: How do search engines select results?

KQ2: What are the differences when working digitally with 2D and 3D graphics?

KQ2: Why are variables used in programs?

KQ2: How can objects be described using data?

KQ2: Which elements are common to the design of web pages?

KQ2: How can selection control the flow of a program?

KQ3: How are search results ranked?

KQ3: How can we represent a real object with a 3D model?

KQ3: How can games be improved through the use of variables?

KQ3: How can formulas be used to produce calculated data?

KQ3: Why do we need to consider the ownership and use of images?

KQ3: How can a variable be updated by a user of a physical device?

KQ4: Why is the order of results important, and to whom?

KQ4: How can we break down a real world object into multiple 3D objects?

KQ4: How can we design further improvements to  an existing project?

KQ4: How can formulas be used within a spreadsheet?

KQ4: Why do we need to preview a web page before publishing it?

KQ4: How can we compare a variable to a value?

KQ5: What different ways can we use to communicate across the internet?

KQ5: How can we use our knowledge of 3D shapes to design a digital model?

KQ5: How are names used to identify the role of a variable?

KQ5: How can a spreadsheet be used to plan an event?

KQ5: What is the purpose of a navigation path through a website?

KQ5: What is the importance of the design stage when developing a project?

KQ6: What should or should not be shared on the internet?

KQ6: What improvements can be made to the 3D model?

KQ6: How can the game be extended?

KQ6: What are suitable ways to present data?

KQ6: What are the implications of linking to content owned by other people?

KQ6: How can we make use of program design when developing code?